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Chatello is the App You Are The Brand

Communicate like never before.The Chatello App allows you to chat and communicate with your favorite celebrities anytime, anywhere. Its secure, trusted and personalized. Send your favorite celebrity a Message, Voice, or Video and wait for his/her reply. As simple as that!


The greatest secret to business success isn’t being able to better do what others are doing, or even to be the best at doing what others are doing. It is in being able to do what no one else is doing.

We have spent the past 4 years researching and developing a system that allows social media influencers and celebrities to directly monetize their presence and activities on various social media platforms. One of the great questions always being asked by anyone who has become a genuine influencer on social media, is how do I turn my thousands of followers, and the hard work it took me to generate this loyal following, into a revenue generating stream?

After years of research and thought, we can now finally say “we have found a way!”

We then teamed up with one of the world’s top app developers to carry out a “Rapid Concept Workshop” where we tested, analyzed, and reviewed all aspects of our idea, and the asso- ciated risks associated with it. We asked ourselves, why is this needed, who would use it, how does it generate money, for its users, and for its developers, etc...

We were not seeking to do better, what others were already doing. We were seeking to create something that does not exist.

After further intensive study and research with Apple, Google, PayPal, various other payment gateways, connectivity solution providers, and distribution channels, we came to a clear an unequivocal decision: We are a “go.”

This document will help explain more about the Chatello App, a new generation of social medial apps will forever change the way we interact and communicate with others, creating genuine one-on-one communications and exchanges between the global elite, and those who admire and follow them.

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2018-01-02 - 2018-03-30

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