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Prosense is a global leader in the field of broadcasting sporting, cultural and business events in virtual reality. The company’s main product is a platform for broadcasting sporting and entertainment events in real time. A unique feature of Prosense is our ability to provide a full range of VR broadcasting services: custom filming equipment, innovative software for maintaining high quality content and an expanded list of distribution channels, including the Prosense application for VR devices.


An Introduction to Prosense

Prosense is one of the global leaders in virtual reality featuring an innovative platform for filming, broadcasting and viewing high quality VR content We are focused on broadcasting of sporting, cultural and business events
in virtual reality since 2015 We have over 30 high caliber specialists and participated in over 50 projects including those with world leading brands Prosense shifts VR-broadcasting technology from a traditionally centralized approach of receiving content to a global, decentralized peer-to-peer platform protected by utilization of blockchain technology to ensure confidentiality and payment security.

What is ProsenseLive

ProsenseLive is the first P2P live streaming VR-platform accessible by a wide audience. Customers will be able to access both professional content, such as live broadcasts of sport games and concerts, where Prosense has a vast experience, as well as user generated content, such as livecams and various webinars.
The platform will rely on our major experience and use our in-house developed unique product features to create easy and cheap plug-and-play solution for streamers of all types Video streams in the decentralized network of ProsenseLive will be decomposed into chunks for processing by devices of users - participants of the network. The metadata of each portion, such as the checksum, the exact release time, the identifiers of the author and his or her device and its serial number will be recorded on the blockchain.
In this manner, copyright on video content is recorded, stitchless assembly of the entire stream on reproducing devices is guaranteed, intentional
and unintentional content distortions are prevented during transcoding on the devices of the network participants. Those participants are rewarded for providing computing power of their devices.

When signal is transcoded, processed and distibuted by participating of decentralized network partners computing power, blockchainis used to provide transparent token rewards.
This will allow a significant cost reduction of streaming and will democratize VR broadcasting for content providers and consumers.

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2017-11-16 - 2017-12-16

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