Your new social network

Casagram is a social network app combined with a messenger that meets all functions of current messengers and includes additional features such as multi-videoconference or a payment function. Furthermore, the user has a news wall, which keeps him up to date of latest trends and news from any area like sports, technology, lifestyle, politics, gaming etc. The friends list looks like a street map of your neighborhood, consisting of your friends, family and contacts. Another feature is the blackboard, where the user and his friends can share articles from the trend feed or their own personal feed.


At the marketplace user can join discussions or follow artists or persons or can just create their own groups or content. All these areas or menus: -neighborhood, news wall, marketplace and your main menu - are separate, and switching between them and using them is easy and intuitive.

The users’ data remains their property and is not further used or sold. How the app is used is entirely up to the user, as a news app, a messenger, a place for trading goods and services and as a discussion forum, or to follow other people. All these functions can also be used in combination, forming one app that encompasses the benefits of several that are currently used. Users can choose between entering the "public places" (marketplace, trend feed) anonymously or with real profile. They can obviously decide whether public visibility is enabled or not. Casagram can be accessed via email address or phone number. For connecting to other users you just need their username. All of this comes in an innovative design. Playing games with your friends is possible as well as using the app for decentralized, anonymous payment.

The user has an account with Casacoins that can be used as a savings account or to buy new designs for the user’s house in the friends list (like skins in an online game), advertising free season tickets or additional cloud storage. Additionally, users can trade with each other using Casacoin (symbol: or CAC) as the globally used currency.

The more users the app gets, the more the availability of coins decreases, as it is capped to a fixed amount of 100,000,000 and the value of the currency increases proportionally.

Pending Stage
2017-11-15 - 2017-12-15

1 CAC = 7.02 USD
preICO end
ICO start
2017/11/15 14:00 PM
ICO end
2017/12/15 14:00 PM